Healthy Anxiety/ADHD Coping with a Fidget Spinner: Review

man holding fidget spinnerI love fidget spinners. This is my review on the Trianium fidget spinner and also why I use fidget spinners because they are a healthy coping mechanism for anxiety and ADHD. If you are fidgeting, picking your skin, or unable to focus, this is something that may work well for you.

Even though I take Adderall and have a lot of different coping mechanisms, one that really helps me function as a human being throughout the day is a fidget spinner.



One of the things I noticed fidget spinners did was that they helped me do multiple things at the same time.  Being ADHD, I feel like I have to always be doing something. Instead of getting trapped in my head, trying to get my to-do list done, I can sit and play with one of these. Then I can focus on it when I need that little bit of a break or escape from the day, and still be able to concentrate on what I need to be doing.



I can be making a phone call and playing with this at the same time. It’s very calming and soothing, almost like a warm feeling of being at peace with myself.  I can take this when I’m at an RV show, and if I’m struggling because I’m around a bunch of people, I can actually focus in on this and not focus on everything that’s going on around me. Having one of these when I’m working helps me concentrate on something other than the stress of what I’m doing.


Prevents Anxious Self-Harm

The more that I sit and play with a fidget spinner, the more it gives me something to fidget with and pick with my hands. Without it, I’m going to be, in a sense, almost self-harming because I’m picking at myself.  I’d be picking at my nails and ripping them off.  Instead of doing that to my body, I just spin this.  It just gives you that additional focus.



I like to go with metal fidget spinners, not the plastic ones.  I’m not the easiest on my stuff, and the metal ones don’t break very easily.  I’ve been known to take these apart, too, which isn’t probably the best thing because I can never get them to work again after I do.  This one’s actually kind of hard for me to take apart, so this is my preferred one out of all of mine because of its durability and small size.



I’ve always gone with dark colors whenever it came to fidget cubes or spinners. I don’t like to draw attention to myself.  If you have something in your hand that’s really bright, people notice.  If you have something that’s a dark color, nobody notices it.  And the smaller it is, the easier it is for me to use in public without people paying attention.


The more that we share the tools we’ve found that work, the more we can help anybody out there struggling. That’s what it’s about.  It’s about togetherness. It’s a we thing, it’s an us thing … together, every single day.

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