Photography as a Mental Health Tool

Image courtesy Kaylee Opp

I’ve always said that a picture says 1,000 words. Photography is an amazing coping tool for mental health. The fun part about photography is you can take a picture of pretty much anything and edit it to make it your own. Show your viewers what you want them to know/feel when they look at your photos.

Expressing Yourself

Photography is a great way to express yourself, to tell others exactly how you’re feeling. It also helps show just what you’re thinking, based on the photo and/or your photo editing. Photography also helps show emotion, whether you’re sad or happy, and can show a joyful or painful time in a person’s life.

Preserving Memories

Image courtesy Kaylee Opp

Pictures create memories that last a lifetime. I try to take pictures of everything because one day it may be all you have left. Take pictures of sad times in your life. Take pictures of happy times in your life. Take a picture of everything and anything. photography helps you be you. You can edit your picture to make it yours.

Another thing about taking as many pictures as you can is that unfortunately no one lives forever. Some day, that picture may be all you have left. I’m so grateful I took pictures of certain people who have passed on.  There are pictures I wish I would have taken that I don’t have and can no longer get.

Sharing on Social Media

I use my social media for many different things. I use it to see/ talk and send/see pictures to family and friends. Another thing I use it for is for cute and funny pictures.

Image courtesy Kaylee Opp, edited with PicsArt Photo Studio

Me and my daughter have family and friends in different states and countries. Social media is a great way for family and friends to see what we’ve been up to & to watch Autumn grow. I wouldn’t know much of anything in their lives if I didn’t get to see their photos on social media.

I usually edit my pictures and upload them to social media. One of the great editing programs out there is Photoshop, but the full computer program is a bit expensive. There are many free photo editing apps for your smartphone,  but the one I found I really liked and which is very easy to use is PicsArt Photo Studio. In my opinion, it’s Photoshop for your phone. You can download different programs to see which one works best for you.

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