Looking for resources to help you on your mental health journey? We believe in making resources easy to find and have collected ones we think are helpful.

Sexual Assault International

International Rape Crisis Hotlines Sexual Assault | Pathways…


 Available on Computer, Google Play,  and Apple Store:   What…


Habitica is made by People with Mental Health Issues for any…


Available on Google Play and Apple Store Some of the Features: -Track…

Calm Harm

If you're on Android, this May Help you Control Self Harm Urges…

Homeless Advice UK

Government Aid Shelter Charity

The Schizophrenia Society

For Canadians Battling Schizophrenia, Includes Local Societies…

Nisa Peer Support

Canadian Peer to Peer Support Line, not a Crisis Line.

American Carers Support

American Government Support for Carers