Eric’s online seminars and workshops allow him to meet up with you and provide tips and tools to aid your mental health and addiction recovery. He’s partnered with other mental health creators, including Authentic Mental Health, CG Kid, and Madilynn Cameron.

Seminars allow discussion and training about mental-health and addictions-related topics. These 2- to 3-hour sessions begin with focused training and end with an open Q&A session.


Dr1ven’s hour-long workshops allow you to engage in intensive small-group discussion and activities with Eric on a specific mental health or additions topic.


Upcoming Seminars:

July 19th 2020 – Grief, trauma and loss workshop with Eric Zink, Authentic Mental Health & Madivlogs

July 27th 2020 – Journalling with Eric Zink & Madivlogs

Aug 15th 2020 – Depression with Eric Zink, Authentic Mental Health & Madivlogs



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