Free shipping on orders over 49$ - Use Code - DR1VENFREE 

Free shipping on orders over 49$ - Use Code - DR1VENFREE 

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Be apart of a movement.

We have our own closed Facebook group called Warriors of the Day. Every day can be a challenge and it's everything to know we are not alone, People Helping People!

We are a hands-on company that knows the struggles of life can be sometimes too much to handle alone. We are here for you because we believe that no one should suffer silently!

Join us through social media, YouTube and press to spread the word that anyone struggling in life has support. People helping people saves lives!

What people are saying.


I want to thank you for your words and actions to try to help people with mental illness. I've had a hard fight today against my depression. It’s getting worse, but of your content, I’m thankful to help.

Malcom Merlyn

He’s not lying! When you call him, he’ll talk as long as you need whether you need advice or to vent to get out of your head which a dangerous place to be sometimes. Also, he will text and check up on you. He’s honestly a great friend and lifeline to have

Thanks for the support!

Dr1ven for a Cause    

Check out our GoFundme Program and help us Grow together! We are about people helping people and your support is greatly appreciated!

Dr1ven Media

Check out our YouTube channel for more support, tips, tools and resources to make it through! You don't have to go the journey alone and we are here for you! If you have not subscribed to our Channel yet please do, your support is everything to us!

Dr1ven Resources 

We believe on making resources easy to find and also to give our thoughts on them because the tools we find can help so many! Also if you know of any online resources you have found to be helpful please let us know so we can check them out and grow our knowledge!

Dr1ven By A Cause.

                            "Your Story Isn't Over Yet"

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Built With Greatness Inside

Dr1ven Industries recognizes that everyone has a personal journey to self-fulfillment to better themselves so Are You Dr1ven? What separates people that excel or stay complacent is DR1VE.

Dr1ven Industries mission is to assist people who want to reach their full unbridled potential through depression, mental illness, mental health, suicide prevention, and sobriety!

It starts with a question….WHAT DR1VES YOU? Dr1ven Industries will strive to help people answer that question and provide fuel to attain results.

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