5 Tips on Dealing with Sobriety on a Holiday

If you are new to sobriety you already know how much of a challenge it can be each day to protect your sobriety. What can test our sobriety more than anything well welcome to enjoying a holiday. Holidays can be extremely difficult especially if it is one of your first ones and you are new to sobriety. Depression, Loneliness, and Anxiety are only a few of the feeling you will have but you can make it through it and it can be done.

Here are five tips that I have learned and want to share on how to make it through the holiday sober. When we are new to sobriety we are so excited about it but it is like a new toy in a sense that we are not sure what we are supposed to do with it, we just know we want it. We want to tell everyone but at the same time fear our heads and our thoughts. Remember it is ok to take baby steps and this is a lifelong journey that will be every day so settle back and get ready for the ride of your life. It's not easy but it is so worth it, there will be many challenges ahead of you and your first couple holidays are just a few you will experience.

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    1. Go to a meeting!!! I don't tell anyone they have to be in AA or a group to get sober but for me personally, it helps so much. It helps because you're around others like us and you can get out the feelings built up and realize you are not alone. Meetings can help because you can share and listen to others, this gives you so much support and understanding of the feeling you experience. Finding others like us and making more friends with the same goals of staying sober makes a sober life so much more fun. If you have not tried it I suggest you do and you never know you may enjoy it.

    2. Tell your friends and family members. Letting others know and making sure they know of your sobriety is so important I feel. They are close to us and want the best for us, so get their support. Most already know we had a problem whether they said anything or not. We feel we hide our addiction and as we go we find out how we didn't hide it as well as we thought. Let them know you have made the choice to get sober, they will help hold you accountable and give you additional support. When it gets hard they may take an interest to make sure you're doing alright and give you a listening ear if you need to talk.

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    3. Avoid friends with current addictions. Just because we are sober does not mean all of our friends are and some may even be at the point we were at one time. Anyone active in their addiction will not be supportive of your new found sobriety misery loves the company and they will want their user friend back. You cannot force sobriety on anyone who does not want it so even though it will seem like a chance to help your friend they need to choose sobriety themselves. Friends that support your sobriety is the company you want to be around to ensure it stays protected especially in the beginning.

    4. Stay Active! Durning, the holiday make sure to stay active and go out either to meetings, friends or family, be around others. There is nothing worse than our own minds especially in the beginning because of everything running through our heads. Guilt, depression, anxiety are just a few of the many emotions that hit us nonstop in the beginning. Being around others helps us remember to enjoy, take it slow and keeps our focus away from being self-destructive or falling into depression. The worse thing you can do is hide away and let your mind control you, so get out there and enjoy some. It's difficult sometimes so if you have trouble getting out call support to help give you that extra push you need.

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    5. Set Goals! Set goals every day and especially on holidays of what you want to accomplish. Again this keeps your brain from being self-destructive and focusing on all the new emotions of sobriety. We want to see massive results but don't know where to start. This is a great place to, it allows us to see results and improvement so we feel active in our sobriety. Set big ones, small ones any of them so that you have that sense of accomplishment when you achieve one. Great example talk a walk for 20 min, your outside and it gives you time for self-reflection. Having goals gives us a direction and when your day is done you do not feel like you wasted it especially when there is a holiday going on, this helps prevent depression from setting in.

This is a life change you are on and you need to remember that! It can be done and it is not easy especially with our own heads and thoughts. Support can do so much and you can do this! Remember you don't get sober in a day, week or year, it's a lifelong journey you are on. We have so much that goes through our heads in the beginning that slowing it down and focusing on the small things does so much. I wish you luck on this and as always if you need support and help reach out to us and we will reach back!

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