Depression & Changing Your Life

You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

We alone have the power to change our lives, it is not always an easy task but it can be done. It all starts by how we are programmed I feel and I will share with you my ways of overcoming depression and anxiety in my life that I changed with a decision to change my routine and it made all the difference in the world. By changing my routine it allowed me to not fall into the same pitfalls I have before and start to change my life and mentality for the best. I have done it and you can too, I believe in you!

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I have found throughout my life so much was changed by making a decision and sticking to it. I have battled with addiction, sobriety, depression, anxiety, suicide and more and through all of it, we decide where our brain goes and how we react. Our brains are powerful tools and I learned that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. If we do the same thing constantly, we will never experience the change we want in our lives. Don't get me wrong, we do have some positive habits in our lives that we don't want to change but the beauty is we can change any of the negative ones.

It is always inspiring to see others who have made it through click here for someone I am a huge supporter of and the battles that she shares. It's always important to know your not alone!

Our daily routines I have found control our days so much and our habits from them because they are comfortable over time we don't change them. Next thing you know you have formed something that you may not be proud of and can be even harmful such as addiction. Depression can set in also from habits of emotional self-harm that sometimes we don't even realize that we are doing to ourselves. There is hope and you can change it which is the best part. I hope you share your experiences with me because I am always looking for other tools. I personally feel we want to always be growing in our lives and constantly seeking knowledge. It helps feed our brain similar to eating feeds our appetite.

The first routine or habits I am about changing is if you have fallen into depression because from personal experience I found that this can be an extremely difficult one filled with so many negative feelings along with self-doubt. You get trapped inside your head and even the smallest task can seem like a mountain. Breaking the habits that we do on a daily basis can help change this. I found setting small goals like setting my bed helped with the sense of accomplishment and the helped with positive thoughts. I found through setting goals and talking to others helped my mindset completely, it allowed me to let out the issues that were troubling my mind without judgment. I found it difficult to do with close friends and family because I did not want the feeling that I had let them down. These are two of the tools that I found helped me personally there is also a lot of help that can be sought through health services also in the way of Medication and Treatment. I am not a doctor and can only give you tools that I found helped work and I do not want to take away from their treatment because there are so many tools out there for you. 

Free mental illness resource here that I found to be very useful even if you do not have health insurance there is a treatment out there for you.

Anxiety was another overwhelming feeling that I have experienced throughout my life and can be crippling just like depression can be. They seem to go hand in hand and finding a way out seems hopeless. I can assure you it is not, but again comes back to changing your habits. I find a lot of joy out of music and that alone I found very soothing to my anxiety when I noticed it start to flare up. I felt almost that I needed a self-confidence boost and music seemed to give it to me, and I will notice positive self-talk going on in my head. Anxiety and Depression both seemed to take away so much from my life and I needed to gain it back. My morning routine used to be wake up, shower and get ready for work. When I changed that to wake up, work out, walk then shower and ready for work my mindset was in such a different place. I started to find joy in the little things in life, noticing the health benefits from the working out I also gained more self-confidence with all this my mind started to shift to the positive.

Meditation and having a plan also helped both with depression and anxiety. The fear of the unknown and self-doubt was crippling but I found if I used a calendar and had a plan for the day, week and month I found comfort in that. I didn't have an unknown because I had a clear path to what I needed to get done. My goals where listed and I got to cross them off one day at a time and that accomplishment alone was such a positive influence that I started to feel I could overcome anything, When I had bad days and both of these feelings started to flare up I countered them with a lot of meditation. Having self-maintenance time is not being selfish it is needed and allowed me to regain my thoughts and figure out what was bringing me down and do my best to remove it from my life. Time with our head can be dangerous but can also be healing so I used music again to keep my thoughts from going negative on me.

Strange as it sounds keeping a calendar helped me more than you could imagine here is what I use.

You can control your mind but it takes a lot of work and practice but it is totally worth it. I know there is no quick fix for depression or anxiety but I feel any tool or idea anyone can share never hurts. Medical advice and treatment are important also because there are some things that we just have no control over and you have to remember that is ok too. We are all special with our feelings and how we react to different things in our lives and I hope that if you are suffering from depression that you get a little something from this and my personal stories. Please feel free to share any advice that you may have that could help someone battling depression because you never know what you share my touch someone's life.

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