I tried to kill myself 20 times in one night

    I also appreciate personal shares because they give us insight to what others go through and remind us that we are not alone with our thoughts. The more we share the more we erase the stigma around mental illness and suicide, it lets all those who suffer know they are not alone and it is ok to share. I want to personally thank Quinten for his share because it is something that so many of us can relate to. I know I have personally thought about ending my life and recently too because let's face it our brains along with our thoughts can be our worst enemy. It is worth the fight though and if you have a share that you would like us to post please click HERE and let us know.

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I tried to kill myself 20 times in one night.

Hi, My name is Quinten McCollum and this is my story.

    When I was younger I didn’t really know what depression was. I actually thought it was something people actually made up. As I got older I quickly realized that it was a real thing and I understood it more than a lot of people could. I’ve been bullied for as long as I could remember but when it really started getting to me I was in the 6th grade. I was the class target.

    People would find every little thing to pick on me and it wasn’t just the student, It was the teachers too. They would laugh at me for what I wore or even my haircut. No one really liked me, girls would rub it in my face that they would never date me, boys would call me gay and all of those things that boys do. I told the teachers and they just all shrugged their shoulders and told me to get over it.

    Over spring break in 2017, I was staying at my friend's house with about 10 other guys because we got up every morning to go do some work about an hour away and it was just easier to stay at his house. One of those nights I kept trying to choke myself and do everything I could to just kill myself about 20+ times that night but every time I did one of my best friends stopped me each time.

    That wasn’t the first time that I really tried to commit suicide but that week was the worst week of my life. By the end of spring break, I tried to commit suicide 35 times. I am a sophomore in high school now and I still have depression. I still think about killing myself, sometimes I just want to run right into traffic. I still get bullied to this day. I guess one of the main reasons I’m sharing this is because I want to get help and I want to help others to tell them they are not alone. 

    This is my first time sharing something like this so I missed a lot but I mainly wanted to get the basics of what I’m going through. I love each and every single one of you reading this or hearing this no matter if I know you or not. STAY STRONG #WhatDr1vesYou? #F;ghtOnWarr;or

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Posted on  25/09/2018 05:32 Really riveting story. Thank you for being so brave and sharing your struggles with us.
krystyna Olszowa
Posted on  25/09/2018 15:13 ''life begins where fear ends'' i wish YOU courage because the thirst for life and the love YOU have.Thanks that i could ''hear''your story.we love YOU too

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