My Experience With Depression and Overcoming it

Most I feel with Depression feel alone I have found from personal experience, I know I did and find difficulty sharing these feelings with friends and family. There were various reasons for it also like money, addiction, stress, our minds there are too many to list you may feel the same way. It's important to remember though that you are not alone and that there is support for you and love for you. You may feel isolated and I understand that it is a great trap that our mind can set. Getting out of bed can be hard even and the smallest task can seem like a like a mountain but there is help and tools that can help.

I am not a doctor but through personal experiences, I would like to share with you some of the types I felt personally and some of the tools I found to help. If you are suffering reach out because you'd be surprised how your friends and family will support you and for you that they don't I have listed some resources for you. I truly feel support can help us with any challenge in life that we face because positivity breeds positivity and believe me fro personal experience I have found out it does. 

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First and foremost I found it important to understand what depression is, here is the definition;




noun: depression; plural noun: depressions

1.feelings of severe despondency and dejection.

"self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to depression"


a mental condition characterized by feelings of severe despondency and dejection, typically also with feelings of inadequacy and guilt, often accompanied by lack of energy and disturbance of appetite and sleep.

"she was referred by a psychiatrist treating her for depression"

synonyms: unhappiness, sadness, melancholy, melancholia, misery, sorrow, woe, gloom, despondency, low spirits, a heavy heart, despair, desolation, hopelessness; More

So the way I understand this is mainly a feeling of inadequacy that forms into guilt then added in lack of energy and your pattern of happiness is now thrown off. I feel you can recover from this and I know you suffer inside but believe me it does, can and will get better.

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Here are some of my experiences that caused depression in my life and what I felt. I hope you may be able to relate and find comfort in these knowing that you are not alone, would like to know your thoughts and input also because I know there are so many reasons. Addiction was a big one for me because I escaped from my problems but my problems didn't leave. I never confronted them so they would compound and become an overbearing weight. This would send me into a spiral of depression to the point I couldn't even control my emotions. Addiction gave me a tempory high that faded and left devastation waiting for me when it wore off and created so much hurt and caused me to hurt others which compounded the depression.

A link that I found helpful with my new sobriety click here

Family can be a cause, having a wife and father commit suicide was devastating and created a hole in my life, a loss. Especially with my dad, my rock was ripped away and fear with doubt set in temporarily causing depression. The sadness also created a depression for me because of the questions left behind, doubting myself and what I could have done better. Also when it comes to divorce this feeling can set in because of the feeling of failure and the feeling of inadequate can take over causing the feeling.

Suicide Awareness is a huge cause for us click here to see what we do for awareness.

I have been divorced personally and caused depression in my heart that went to my head. The feeling of failure was devastating, then what's wrong with me feeling set in and the let down of something ending and how I would be viewed as a failure. Being successful has always been a big thing for me so this was extremely hard because I took on the full burden that it was me. Feeling I was not a good communicator and that maybe I should not talk as much. This was the worse to me because it was a challenge not to isolate myself. 

Work caused depression, long hours, strange schedule and because I am in sales little time off. If there was a lack of money also can cause depression for me because it leads also to the failure feeling but then in return, I worked an insane amount so then not having a life caused it. It took me a while and a few tools to overcome this one because it was a constant that I had to work on in my early career.

These are some of the types of depression and the causes that I found that affected me personally. These lead to a crippling amount of guilt, sadness, lack of sleep and stole my motivation and happiness from me. I didn't want to leave the house, I had anxiety and began to fear a lot of things and situations but you do not have to suffer silently and there are tools and help along the way. Here is what I found that helped me break out of the depressions and I would love to have you give suggestions as a reader if this sparks a memory in you on how you overcame yours. If you're going through it I can relate and I hope one of the tools I list is able to help you.

Here is some of what I found to help me overcome my various types of depression that I have experienced in my life. First and the foremost tool that helped me was becoming sober. It did not allow me to escape my problems anymore and I had to now face them head-on. My life became clear and I could now focus on what had to be accomplished. Addiction of any kind I noticed robbed me of my focus and diverted me from the many joys of life. Again the problems didn't go away but they became evident of what they were and how to attack each one. The overwhelming feeling stopped and life didn't become easier, but it became easier to overcome the obstacles through it without it compounded to even larger problems.

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I also found by setting goals some large and some small that it had a positive re-enforcement on my brain. That I was able to accomplish small things every day that in return I saw as an achievement and it helped me gain positive momentum. Set daily goals and write them down the small accomplishment of checking something off a list gives you mentally and physically a very powerful feeling of success. Nothing is too small of a goal to set even if it is just setting your bed in the morning. I have been there before when even the smallest task, seemed like the biggest mountain. Use these accomplishments to build your strength for the day and you'd be surprised what you start to accomplish. 

Another tool I found that helps is writing out your goals or tasks that you want to accomplish and putting them on a calendar. Writing them down is sometimes an accomplishment in itself because it is not always easy to be able to gather your thoughts and lift the pen. I found tracking what you want to accomplish and crossing them off as you go is a huge reward system for you mentally. The more I saw myself accomplish the more I knew I could do and the more it builds the self-esteem that I could accomplish even more. I began to develop pride again and that was a huge personal reward, it didn't come instantly it took time and was baby steps. As I looked back at my lists, journals, and calendar I noticed a difference every month in what I was accomplishing. I began to take pride again and grew strength from it, tracking all your accomplishments and rewarding yourself for them was so important to me looking back.

Here is the calendar I found to be the most useful, click here!

I also found tools in faith, this is a touchy subject for some and an open subject for others. I am spiritual and belief in a higher power no matter what yours may be is a huge tool for overcoming depression. You have to have faith that it will get better because, from experience it does, you just cannot expect a quick fix and set yourself up for failure. Along these lines, it is also important to have support through all this. Family and friends can be the best support but also sometimes strangers can be. Social media is a great way to get additional support so you know your not the only one with these struggles. Family and Friends sometimes may not give you the support you need and just fix yourself isn't a solution. Support groups though, you can ask questions, get tools and see what others are doing to overcome their challenges.

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Last don't be afraid to reach out to any health services. Doctors can help us along with our depression whether it be finding more tools and things to try or something that medical advancement can help us with. I am ADHD and from personal experience, my life has changed a long time ago with the use of Adderall used properly. When I am able to focus I do not feel overwhelmed and sink into a depression so it is a great tool in my case. Doctor's are not here to hurt us so don't be afraid to reach out to any health services that you can.

I hope you got something from my experiences with depression and some of the tools I used and still use to help me. I found that if I can always find more tools or read different experiences that it helps me whenever I have a moment come where I need to try something different than I have in the past. We experience depression at various times in our lives for various reasons and I would love to hear your experiences or things you have done that help. What have you found the breaks your depression? You never know who you will reach by sharing and who can gain the edge on their depression from your words.

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John Wallace
Posted on  22/05/2018 14:11 Hi, Just wanted you to know reading this, I think your on to something. I liked how you shared your experiences and what you did to help. It's always nice to read something and know your not alone since sometimes you feel that way. Also the suggestions help because it gives me something new to try that I have not before. Keep this coming and I'll keep coming back. Thanks, John Wallace
Eric Zink
Posted on  24/05/2018 16:22 Thanks John, It's a pleasure to share my experiences and hope that everyone gets something from them. I am rather new to this so each time is more of a challenge to get my messages across clear. I am glad you got something out of them and I will be posting new ones weekly.

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