The Beginning and Journey of Dr1ven Industries

Today is the first day of our blog and we will be keeping this updated on as close to a daily basis as possible. We are excited about the growth of our company that spawned from a question that is What Dr1ves You? I as the president of Dr1ven Industries can tell you that I am Dr1ven by success, family, sobriety and suicide awareness. My experience in success comes from my 17 years of experience in sales and as a sales manager for the rv industry. Through this I have also gained a passion for sobriety being that I am an addict in recovery from alcohol, this has lead to a wonderful change in my life. My dr1ve for suicide awareness stems from the loss of a wife 2015 and father 2017 to this and it has dr1ven me to bring awareness to suicide and mental illness. Today was a magical day for me not only starting the company blog but of the filming of our first video shoot which included our Dr1ven by a Cause. Lastly I am Dr1ven by family because I now having a loving wife Amber who has stood next to me through so much where most would not have the strength to. I am looking forward to sharing my journey and experiences to all and finding out the fire the burns inside you and Dr1ves you in life. We are not only a clothing line but a company based on support, tools and insight on anything that helps ignite the fire inside you. Thanks for joining us on the journey and we are excited about the projects we have started and the ones we will be starting. So let me ask you, What Dr1ves You?


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