The road so far

This journey started on 7/25/17 and I have not looked back and began to change my life. This all started with my sobriety and almost the end of my fourth marriage, I was very good at almost ruining it and the track record shows that. It's not something I am embarrassed about and rather share so others do not make the same mistakes as I have. I found when you admit something it adds to your accountability and that becomes a benefit in life. Sobriety was a choice in leading a more productive life at home and professional. Since the decision a change happened and work has become more productive, family life is wonderful and the growth of this business has become a passion of mine. What is your passion? What Dr1ves You?

If you struggle with sobriety no one can make the decision for you but you. It is a life-changing event and the benefits it brings to your life is priceless. It is a long road with many tests along the way, a lot of learning and tools are acquired that can be used in different areas of your life. Three weeks into my journey I lost my dad to suicide and it was one of the most trying times that I have had. Is it worth it, to me yes! My drinking was uncontrollable and to the point, it was running my life and I needed to change that and take control. I have benefited in so many ways, health wise I went from 298lbs to currently 244lbs. The number of carbs and sugar alone that you intake will help you lose weight when you cut it out of your diet. With my clear headed mind, I was able to create strong goals that are achievable, stay accountable, maintain a healthy lifestyle working out and running and best of all form this company. It has changed my life in so many positive ways that I love to inspire others and continually get inspired myself. If you have gotten sober what ways in your life has it changed?

With my new found sobriety, I had new found goals. I became very passionate about suicide awareness since I lost a wife and not a father to it. I found that a lot of people talk about it which is good but where is all the action. I found through personal experience it is something that needs to be tackled on a one on one basis or small group. Trying the broad range tactic does not have the same impact, it is not as personal and those who suffer are not in a group mindset. I appreciate all the awareness out there but it is not a fad, it is something that affects families daily. It is the 10th leading cause of death in the US. It's amazing what happens when you listen to someone and allow them to release what they are holding inside. When you give someone tools to use such as pattern breaking the difference it can make is life changing. With this passion was formed our Dr1ven by a Cause, a clothing line to bring awareness, to get people to talk about mental health and bring more awareness to this silent killer. Having affected me personally the way it has, I realized I had a lot to offer with advice, ways to heal and ways to talk about it. If you have experienced suicide in your life what were some tools you used to heal?

With all this, I realized my passion to found Dr1ven Industries and to make a difference in people lives. My goals became clear that I wanted to help people be able to be accountable for the goals they set because I saw the importance of it. Goals I truly believe are one of the biggest foundations of our lives. In the beginning, I didn't really know how to set goals, I came up with a list I wanted to accomplish and set out on that road. I was setting goals the whole time but didn't realize it, then I found if I used tools to keep myself more accountable, I would more than likely achieve any goal I set. I now set goals each year and add to the list constantly throughout the year. Some are small goals and easily achieved such as read a book this week, others like sobriety require time. Some of the goals I set are very personal to me and some include others. There are no rules when setting goals, it's achieving something you want in life for a variety of reasons. Don't worry about being selfish in your goals, you're setting out to do whats best for you and in return, that means they are usually in the best interest of others. What goals have you set for yourself? I would love to hear from anyone on some of the tools you use to keep accountable for them.

On this journey, after my goals were set was time to create this business, a plan and a course of action. To start on making sure I keep myself accountable every day and I came up with a lot of ways to do this. I am ADHD so seeing progress is important to me for my motivation and focus. I had my list of goals for personal life and business now it was time to set out and make it happen. Affirmations daily, tracking my progress with a calendar, letting others know about my goals so they would keep me on my path, journaling and every day creating a list of what needs to be accomplished to achieve my goals. Daily production towards your goals is so important because it allows you to see the progress, get closer to achieving the result and stay motivated. I found it is easy to set a goal but to actually work on it and achieve it can be a journey and staying accountable for it is so important so the focus maintains. You don't want a goal to turn into a thought and then turn into a memory of something you wanted to do. I am always interested in finding more tools to keeping yourself accountable. Any information you can share on this, we are all about!

I look forward to sharing more of my journey with you and any input you can give. You never know what nugget of information you share can do for others. As a company that's what we are about, helping others achieve their goals and finding the passion that burns inside them. We look forward to hearing your experiences and your input on how you accomplish goals and stay on the path. Let us know we are looking forward to hearing from you!


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