Tips Setting Goals

First off what is a goal? I feel they are something you want to achieve to bring something positive to your life. They can bring happiness, a sense of accomplishment or even help you move past something. Here are some tips that I have found to be helpful and I hope you do too. 

When I set goals I make clear and precise ones that have no grey area, such as move into a new house with my wife. It was clear and I knew what I wanted, then I set a deadline which was before the end of 2018. I ended up setting 10 goals for myself and they are my goals and personal to me, I didn’t want outside influence to affect something personal.

Another goal I set was sobriety for one year. This doesn’t mean I am ending it after the year but it is a big milestone for any addict. I wanted to make sure I saw it when I looked at my goals and it is very personal to me. It helps me stay accountable to what I have set out to do and remind me that I need the steps and to be involved in the sobriety community.

I found that goals can have others involved such as moving into a house with my wife. Another one of mine is for each of my salesmen to achieve a goal they have set. I am sales manager and helping others is important to me. Salesmen let me know what they want to achieve for the year and in return I keep them accountable for reaching their goal. Money, car, new place to live a goal that betters their life so that I can remind them what we are working towards everyday. This also brings me happiness and accomplishment when they achieve their goal.

Short term goals are important also and they can be daily goals such as read ten pages in a book each day. May seem like a simple task but I am ADHD and concentration has always been difficult for me. I had to set some small goals and in return made a bigger goal of amount of books to read in a year.

Lastly I had my goals listed out and posted. I did not mind others to see them because when others see your goals it starts to add accountability to them. Goals are nothing without accountability I found and end up just being thoughts that never happen. I made them to the point I am accountable to anyone who opens my fridge because I have them posted there, in my bathroom where I see them every morning, in my notebook so I see them nonstop. The pride I get from crossing one out is an amazing feeling of accomplishment and brings out a fire inside me to do more.

These are just so tips from me personally on setting goals and I would love to hear from you! Any input that can help others in achieving goals and bringing more to life I am excited to hear. I found that setting goals has brought me more happiness and accomplishment to my life. I hope you find some value here and if you have tips please let us know because your input matters. You never know who your ideas will touch and the lives you can change with just a little input.


Bill W.
Posted on  09/05/2018 10:57 I think that this is a great start especially for anyone who is looking to start goals or don't know where to start. Remember goals can have small ones before them kinda like baby steps so that the goal does not seem like such a mountain to climb. Keep it up I love this!
Eric Zink
Posted on  15/05/2018 16:27 Thanks Bill, This is a new learning experience for me and I appreciate any input you have. I am familiar with the retail side but actually getting to share tools and advice has been a learning cure but we have enjoyed every moment of it!

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