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You have made a decision to change your life now what? Whether it be setting a new goal that you want to accomplish or change in your direction in life, it is a big first step. Being accountable allows you to make sure you follow through and complete what you set out to do. To many of us have set goals or wanted to change our lives and the thought is full of excitement. What was the last goal you set? 

Now, what though you have this idea, thought or goal but how do you do it? By making sure you're in a position to be kept accountable helps increase the odds that you will achieve what you set out to do. It's a great word "Accountable" but what is it? What does it mean to be kept accountable? I will share with you some of the tools that I have used and I would love to hear any ideas or input that you may have. 

Tell your friends and family. Being kept accountable is like checking in every day to make sure that you are holding to your word and setting out to achieve the goal you want to. By telling friends and family now you have close ones around you that will be asking you how your goal is coming along. You don't want to let them or yourself down so you know you have to keep pushing so that you can give them updates. The best part is, they are like a cheerleader for you routing you along the way but if you stop reaching they will be the first to call you out. It puts a little pressure on you to not give up until you achieve your goal because you don't want to hear it from friends and family that you gave up. Make everyone aware of what your goal is and thrive on giving them updates making it happen.

Social Media. Social media is a great way to keep accountable, giving daily updates or weekly ones allow you maintain focus on your goal that you want to achieve. You'd be surprised who will follow you along with groups that are out there to help you keep accountable and gain support. Your journey that your undertaking will have ups and downs, support is important to help gain tools to make sure you do not hit any pitfalls. Be active in the groups, ask questions and cheer along others on their journey. It is inspiring and helps give you the motivation to keep pushing forward.

Calendar. I found that keeping an updated calendar and writing down what you want to accomplish and setting dates allows you to know the end of your journey. For example, working out, track what workout you did each day so that you can track your progress in weeks and weight. When you miss a work out it allows you to figure out a day to add it in so you can achieve your goal. This is only an example but it works, if your working on sobriety track your days it helps, there's a reason for a 30, 60, 90, 6 months, 9 month and then yearly chips. They are small goals achieved to reach a larger goal you have and give you something to look forward to. If you know where you are on the journey, you know where you are going.

Journal. I found from my experience that writing in a journal and expressing your thoughts and ideas along with writing down information that helps achieve your goal is extremely important. When you read, hear or talk about something that partans to your goal write it down these can become tools. This allows you to have a system to fall back on if a challenge arises that you have experienced also. If you write down all your experiences you and what you did to accelerate your goal or avoid a pitfall you can go back to it as a reference. Have you tried a journal? I have and can tell you that it has been huge on keeping me accountable.

These are a couple of the tools that I use to help keep myself accountable for pushing towards my goals. I feel it is important to hold yourself to standards that are achievable and keep you on course. Goals are great when you achieve them so ensure yourself that you will be by holding yourself accountable daily, weekly and monthly. Failure will happen but it is a learning experience and should not derail what you want to achieve. Remember you got this and believe in yourself. I would love any input on what you do to hold yourself accountable and share some of the tools that you use? We are all searching for ideas and tools so I hope you share some of yours with us.


Posted on  11/05/2018 14:56 Accountability is everything for me and what I have worked on to accomplish. I think everyone should share their tools that they use because you never know what might work for you. I use my phone a lot and so I track everything on my calendar that i set out to do along with the note pad to write down ideas especially after I have a long drive and time to think about things going on in my life and solutions to my challenges. Always looking for more Ideas.
Eric Zink
Posted on  15/05/2018 16:31 Hi Amber, Thank you so much for the added information because I agree with you completely. Meditation with driving, walking or anything that allows you to clear your head and reflect on your day, month or year is so important. Having that time does so much for us, I appreciate the input and you never know who will read your words and benefit from them. Thanks again so much!

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