What Dr1ves You?

I wanted to do a blog on something that is very important to me and also the question that our company is built around. That is What Dr1ves you? If you think about it, it is a very powerful question and we are all Dr1ven by different things in life at different points of our life. What may have been the driving force for what we did last year may have changed this year. It's a question that constantly evolves through life for example if you suddenly have a child you are most likely instantly Dr1ven by family or being the best dad or mom. we all have a fire that burns inside us but the key is tapping into that fire and realizing that it can change. 

So let me ask you what Dr1ves you? Think about it for a second and I have found that most people have answers that instantly without thinking pop into their heads. This is what Dr1ves you that gut response that hit you and instantly gets your heart pumping a little fast and you feel the flame inside you. For example, if someone asks me what dr1ves me I would say at this point in my life it is success, suicide awareness, mental illness and recovery from addiction. These are things that are very close to me and for specific reasons but it has not always been that way. When I was younger in life I was Dr1ven by success, pride, money, and goals. Throughout my life, I have seen this change and I am sure you feel the same way. It is a growth that we constantly have in life and it is all part of our journey to becoming who we want to be as a person, this makes you a warrior!

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If you ask any addict in recovery I am positive that a majority of them would say sobriety is something they are Dr1ven by because without it, our lives can be destroyed in an instant. We are so Dr1ven by sobriety that we have found ways to keep ourselves accountable to this and work on it daily. Having a clear goal or answer is part of what defines what we are Dr1ven by and fighting towards every day even though there may not be a finish line. When our passion for this is strong enough we even find ways to keep ourselves accountable to it on a daily basis. Again addict as an example in recovery will go to meetings, find a sponsor, and help other addicts all as a form that keeps us accountable to our recovery some will even track the days knowing that there is not a final day count. What do you do on a daily basis to keep you accountable to what Dr1ves you? If you don't know take the time to write them down, if this becomes a challenge you have to look in and see if this is something that you're truly Dr1ven by.

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I feel that being Dr1ven by something is almost like a goal in the sense it is something we strive for every day. There is not necessarily an end though like I mentioned with addiction but yet it is a goal of ours, its something that we push towards every day and grows inside us every day. I feel this because as an addict I am never truly healed from my addiction yet I strive and fight for it every day. It is not easy to achieve and have to constantly remind myself why I am pushing for it, for me its because it has changed my life and made it wonderful again even on the worse days. So if you are Dr1ven by music, writing, unity, courage it is a constant fight to make sure you are accountable to it daily and allow it to bring out the greater joy in life. 

Some of what we are Dr1ven by may never change through our lives such as an example for me it is success I have always been Dr1ven by that. It became a core belief of mine that started when I was a child and I have carried with me through life. I strive to be the best at what I do and it requires work and growth. I am in sales and to be one of the best salesmen and manager I can be, means working on my skills and abilities daily. I have to practice my craft, do trial and error, read new techniques and get help and support from others to always make sure that I am growing and do not become stagnant. If you are Dr1ven by strength it can mean making sure you get out of your comfort zone and push yourself mentally and physically to test your boundaries and expand them. I feel the bottom line is that if you are Dr1ven by something you focus in on it daily and find new ways to master it and grow.

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Sometimes we are Dr1ven by different passions, for example, I am Dr1ven by suicide awareness and mental illness. This is a huge passion of mine and grew from losing a wife to suicide and a father. This was definitely something I was not always Dr1ven by but life had different plans for me. Sometimes what Dr1ves us is stemmed from an event that happened to us either in our childhood or later on in life. It Dr1ves us I feel because it becomes a core belief of ours and it is almost part of the healing process also if it was a negative traumatic experience we don't want others to have to experience it. We grow strength by sharing about it, and in return helping others by it and in return helping ourselves. I love to talk to anyone when it comes to depression, mental illness, anxiety, and suicide because it is something I can relate to and help with which in return has become a passion. Mental Illness is something we cannot see but it is inside some of us, so tapping into that, learning about it and support for it helps also define the Dr1ve for it. If you have had a traumatic experience my advice is to use it as a tool to Dr1ve you because you will find joy out of helping others and helping yourself.

This is one of my favorite subjects to talk about because everyone is unique and everyone is a warrior in their own sense fighting for what Dr1ves them. I formed this company based on that because I feel the accountability part is also so important because sometimes we are Dr1ven but with this feeling, we don't know what to do with it. If you take accountability for your Dr1ve it allows it to really become a part of your life, when you learn you grow it and when you reflect on it you see your progress. Accountability allows you to see progress such as if you have health goals tracking weight loss or strength. Stay accountable to yourself, your Dr1ve and don't ever hesitate to get support for it even because there are others like you Dr1ven by the same thing. When you know you are not on this journey alone it makes it that much more enjoyable with your success and learning easier from the failures. You don't feel alone on your journey and you have another way to keep yourself accountable that is why support groups can be so important.

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I would love to hear what Dr1ves you in life because I am always interested in seeing what passions others have. Sometimes we read or hear something that strikes us so powerful that it can change our lives. We never know what the person next to us is going through or the tools they can offer us on our road of life. Share with us and everyone what you are Dr1ven by and you'd be surprised the support you gain through it. We all have a part of us that wants to watch other succeed and in return lets us know if we work hard enough at it we will succeed also. I am proud to be with you on your journey in life and to support you on the beliefs that Dr1ve you!

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