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Dr1ven Industries was founded in February 2018 and is based on a question that is What Dr1ves You? Being from a sales background, you have to be motivated, self-starting, passionate and to last in it successful. When I hired new salesmen I always asked What Dr1ves You? I wanted to know what burned inside someone to do what they do. What is it that makes someone wake up early, put in long hours, create time in their schedule? I wanted to know this because it is the foundation of who someone is and everyone is driven by something or things different. I was then able to hold them accountable to what they where Dr1ven by and in return see success.

Myself personally looking in I found there are three main things that drive me in life and they are passion, recovery and suicide awareness. These have not always been what drives me personally and I think it does change for everyone overtime and depending on where we are in life. Being an addict in recovery this is an everyday passion of mine in helping support others on their journey because it is not an easy one. Having lost a father and wife to suicide has brought my attention to the importance of suicide awareness and mental illness this is so passionate for me it is tattooed on my body. Last success is my foundation, I strive to be the most successful in any task I set out to do. Founding this company has made me even more passionate about these and realizing how important it is to be accountable to them. Being accountable to them allows me at the end of the day to know I did the best I possibly could with what I am about. 

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After research and time, I started Dr1ven Industries based on this, I wanted a clothing line that I could be proud of what I am wearing is what I stand for. I wanted to also be able to pass on resources and tools that I have found over the years in a way that someone would be willing to try them. I am not saying my ways work but with everything I have been through if you know my story they have helped me tremendously and you never know who will read something and change their life. Lastly, I wanted a hands-on company that is active on a one on one basis with support and being involved in the personal journey. I am very big in sobriety and recovery along with suicide awareness, with our website and social media we take a very hands-on approach and are very active not in spam ads, but in actual support and contact.

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In just the months that we have started our Dr1ven by a Cause, the line has seen great success and the people I have met along the way have been amazing with life stories to share. The Definition line is to let people know What Dr1ves You and spark conversation to keep you accountable to where you want to go in life. We have more currently in the works and are excited to continue growing.

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We have been very busy working on our video side of things and that has had its challenges but should be up and running by the end of the month. I am excited to be able to connect with everyone on a one on one basis and share everything I have to offer along with listening to others and growing from the tools and experiences I hear. We will become very active with content being uploaded weekly. Welcome to Dr1ven Industries and we are excited to have you along with us on this journey of life.

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So let me ask you, What DR1VES You? We would love to hear from you and about your journey so far and what you have learned along the way. Let us know and we will continue to strive to be the company about you and helping you achieve everything you ever wanted. A special thanks to Mike Whitstock, Manny, Carlos Mota, Jessica Mosier and all the others who have helped this company and motivated us to continue to push forward and grow!

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