Dr1ven by a Cause Suicide Awareness

Together we can speak up and help all those who suffer silently! Break the stigma today by letting a loved one know you care!

What Dr1ves You?

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US.    

Dr1ven Industries believes in the need for suicide awareness and mental illness. It is a subject that is not often talked about and is one of the things that Dr1ves us as a company. We thank you for your support for bringing awareness to this silent killer and letting those who suffer have a supporter that they can talk to. What Dr1ves You? Why the semicolon you may ask, a semicolon is used to continue a sentence where it could have ended such as a life, designed to spark conversation and Your Story Isn't Over Yet!

Dr. Barrett Zink    

Loving father and an amazing doctor who helped so many and never stopped wanted to help anyone no matter what it took. August 13th 2017 you suffered silently dad and the awareness to not allow others to will dr1ve us to make a difference and change the world. I love you and all that you had done and still continue to, Your Story Isn't Over Yet!

Brandy Zink

In memory of Brandy Zink, August 27th 2015 was the day you left us and your story will not go untold. To all those lost we will not forget.

Together we can help end the stigma of suicide and mental illness! 

To all those who have lost family and friends to this silent killer together, we can end this stigma and bring awareness to this serious issue that is often overlooked. This page is not only dedicated to the family members I have lost but that everyone has lost, Your Story Isn't Over Yet!

F;ight On Warr;or!

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