Recovery Resources

As a recovering addict also I know the importance of support. I do not push anyone to try any program, I am a supporter of this and if you want information about it please follow our link.

A blog published on our story and the growth of our company because we are not alone on this journey and together we can. Personal thanks to everyone along with us on this journey.

Knowledge is everything and I found this to be a great source of information if you are looking at making a change in your life. We all are on different journey's I hope this can help yours.

Suicide Awareness 

Feature One

I am a Huge fan of the semicolon and what it stands for! It is all about awareness and that your story isn't over yet, I want to continue on the movement the founder of it created!

Feature Two

Great Site for information and information brings awareness to area's that need it most. Has great search engine and answers to many questions.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center

Our Passion for Suicide Awareness and Prevention is one of the biggest Dr1ves of our company, Information is power to help prevent anyone from experiencing it.


Day Minder

I use this daily and when i mention a calendar this is exactly what I use. It is a great tool for both planning, tracking and keeping yourself accountable.

Daily Journal   

Another tool that I use to collect my thoughts and to be able to express them and understand them. I use this daily and it helps so much and you can see the progress that you make.

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